When to start Potty Training

Children develop at different stages so age cannot be the only factor that will help you to know if your child is ready to start potty training. Further considerations also need to be in place before you begin:

  • Is your child ready?
  • Is the environment set up for potty training?
  • Is childcare / nursery informed?
  • And finally, do you feel ready?

Please take time to look through the chart below and decide if your child is ready.

Is your child between 18 -22 months1 point
Your child is over 22 months +3 points
Is your child able to communicate with you and can use simple words such as wee and poo2 points
Shows signs of interest in what you are doing when you are on the toilet2 points
Waking up dry from a nap or is able to hold their wee for 2 or more hours3 points
Let’s you know when they are doing a poo or wee in their nappy or hides when they need to go3 points

5 points or less:

It is likely that your child isn’t quite ready to begin potty training just yet. Please don’t worry often they just need a little longer. Check with the chart again in a few more weeks to assess at what stage they are at.

6 – 11 points: Your child is showing strong indications that they are almost ready to potty train. With readiness, preparation, timing, and consistency your child will be able to start using the potty.

11 – 14 points: Your child is set to start potty training.

Remember that this is not a race you cannot rush potty training. Every child will learn to use the potty at their own pace.

I suggest starting potty training when life is less hectic. Trying to potty train when a baby is only a few days away, or you are moving house or changing childcare can make the process a little more difficult and stressful for you all.

If you suspect your child may have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) or is showing signs of constipation I would recommend seeking the advice of your local GP before starting potty training.

If you would like any further support through your child’s potty-training journey I provide a Potty-Training Guide with lots of hints and tips to help you with this time. If you feel that you would like more support through your child’s potty journey I also provide one to one guidance.

Good luck!

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