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Do you look forward to your child’s bedtime or do you get anxious just thinking about it?

Maybe you are looking to improve your family’s sleep. Maybe you want to make a change but don’t know where to begin.

Imagine being able to pop your child happily into bed each night, without tears or stress and wake-up feeling well rested.


I can help you

As a sleep consultant it is my passion to support and empower you through the early years of your child’s sleep. I look at each family individually to find a solution that is right for them. I provide support, advice and encouragement throughout the process and celebrate with you with your successes. Discretion and client confidentiality is very important to me and I will work with you one to one. Every family is different and every family has their own sleep story. This is why I will take the time to work out the best gentle and adaptable approach for all of you, using a flexible, but collaborative approach. 

Specialising in children’s sleep from newborn babies to five years, I offer support to families in achieving better sleep, guiding gentle positive sleep habits/routines, troubleshooting and sleep solutions.

I love supporting and caring for families with….

Gentle Sleep Solutions.

A responsive and adaptive service. Working together, we will review your baby’s sleep history, taking in to account everything that is going on for your baby or child. Their personality and temperament, emotional/social/physical development, feeding and sleep environment.

Tailored For Your Family.

Everything is personalised for you, taking into consideration your parenting style and the goals you wish for your child’s sleep. Ensuring that a gentle sleep plan is tailored to the needs of your child, and your family. 

Gentle Evidenced Based.

As a baby and child sleep specialist my goal is to help you feel supported, cared for and to give you the best possible knowledge towards your little one’s sleep. With gentle evidence-based approaches that gives you the confidence to know what to do next

If you are not sure where to start please contact me, I would love to discuss your little one’s sleep world.

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