7 benefits of sleep

7 Benefits of Sleep and Why we need it.

  1. My favourite benefit of sleep is the happiness it brings.A well-rested child is a happier and contented child. Getting a good night’s sleep can improve your child’s mood as well as your own.

    Mums can feel very down if their little one is not getting enough sleep as it affects your sleep too.

    Once sleep is well established, the better and more refreshed everyone feels.

  2. A lack of sleep may be linked to poor behaviour, children have been misdiagnosed with ADHD as they have shown similar symptoms, such as a lack of concentration, frustration, and a lack of interest in anything.

    Other signs of overtiredness can involve big emotions, for other children may even become more withdrawn.

  3. Sleep can play an important role in learning, memory consolidation and motor development.

    The following day after a poor sleep in the night you may find yourself unable to do the simplest chores or find yourself forgetting the most basic of things.

    A lack of sleep will affect your child in the same way. Sleeping well gives them better energy to aid in concentration and develop new skills.

  4. Great sleep improves health and builds a strong immune system, producing cells that protect and fight infections. That is why children often need to sleep more in the day as their little bodies need this time to boost their immune system.

  5. Easing separation anxiety. If your child is clingy all day and does not want to spend a moment away from you or may cry as soon as you put her down. Overtiredness may be a contributing factor to the way they feel.  Increasing sleep and preventing overtiredness may help them to cope better with new environments or situations.

  6. Better appetite and feeding better. A child who may be overtired may not be able to eat so well I have had families come to me saying that their child is in a cycle of not sleeping or eating well.

    Fixing that sleep problem usually results in a better appetite and a more contented child.

  7. Better relationships and confident parents that feel able to make decisions and are not seconding guessing all the time if they are doing the right thing.It’s amazing how a good night’s sleep can help you to feel more stronger in your abilities and helps to make parenting so much more enjoyable.

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