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Your Kent Baby Sleep Consultant in London

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I will help you to understand how sleep works for your child, and what realistic sleep behaviour is for their age. You will also learn about why sleep is so important for your child’s development, as well as for their happiness – not to mention yours!

Working together, we will find a gentle solution to your child’s sleep issues, no matter what this is. Here are just some of the problems that I have worked on with other parents:

How it Works

It begins with a free no obligation 15-minute call

The first step is understanding what is causing the problem.  This initial consultation will allow me to understand your requirements and talk about how we can work together to improve your child’s sleep.


Once we have discussed your child’s sleep issues over the telephone, we can start working towards reaching their desired sleeping pattern. You will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire of daily activities and sleeping patterns, which may include details about your child’s eating habits.


Once I have a full understanding of your situation, I will use it to devise a bespoke and detailed plan.  I will then work with you to help you to implement it in a way that works within your own family philosophy, tailored to your own circumstances. 


Prepared with the plan, I will help guide you through the critical steps to success.  Together we will improve your child’s sleep.

Every child is an individual and every child is different.

Every plan is tailored to each family’s situation and will accommodate their personal needs.

Your Kent Baby Sleep Consultant.

Happy Nights service is based on how much support you want or need rather than the age of your child. Everything is personalised for you from Baby to 6 years of age, so whatever your stage or challenge is now, there is a service for you.

All sleep packages come with:

  • Holistic Assessment
  • A Phone Consultation
  • Personalised Sleep Programme
  • Bespoke Follow up Support

All packages (apart from the home visits) are suitable to families located anywhere within the UK and further afield. Home visits are suitable in London, Kent and around the Home Counties. Travel costs may apply.



0 - 4 Months

£ 99
  • It's never too soon to introduce gentle sleep foundations. Once feeding is established this is a great time to slowly start to ease into a loose routine, as this is the basis of a lifetime of good sleep.
  • I offer gentle support and reassurance to help guide you through the early weeks with your newborn. It includes a 60 minute call, along with a 2 x 20 minute follow up calls.
    Understand how babies sleep. How to calm a fussy baby.
    Support with colic and reflux. Tummy time.

    Building Parents confidence.
    When and how to introduce a bedtime routine.
  •   Nurturing support during the early months with essential hints and tips to help you enjoy the New Born Stage:
    Optimising your sleep environment.
    Overtiredness and sleep cues.
    How to co-sleep safely.
  • If you would like to increase your newborn support to 12 weeks or would like home support in the first few days or weeks once your baby is here, please enquire.


What is the preliminary questionnaire for?
This is a comprehensive questionnaire all about your child’s sleep habits and routines that you will be asked to fill out prior to our meeting.

What does the consultation involve?

We’ll discuss strategies, troubleshoot possible problems, or any other specific issues you might be dealing with.

What does a sleep plan consist of?

The plan is bespoke to meet your needs and is put together after our consultation.

What is text and E-mail support?

This is to help support you through the changes and allows you to ask any daily questions when they occur.

What is the sleep log?

This allows us to track progress and quickly pick up issues.

What is the goodbye package?

This is a summary of the amazing sleep changes that you have managed to achieve plus further tips to help you in the future.

What is your guarantee?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee on my services, but with the full plan I promise that we will work for as long as it takes to reach your sleep goal (this is normally 2 -6 weeks).

Available for group bookings.

If you would like more details about Happy Night services, please contact me using the contact for